Just when you think you can’t...YOU CAN

I’ve been talking lately to a few of my friends (mommies like me) about business goals, life goals, etc. I hear them say, “I’m scared to do that” or “I’ll just wait”, and honestly, I have been guilty of this and it got me thinking...how many others have this thought process? How Many great things haven’t happened yet because of these thoughts? So I figured, why not blog about it.

When you think of starting anything new, you often talk yourself out of it because of fear. You second guess yourself, “no one will buy this”, “there is someone doing this already”. The constant second thoughts that run through your mind will make you think you CAN’T achieve your goals. As a business owner these thoughts have crossed my mind. If you know know my back story, I was beyond scared to start Ms. Stugie’s Cookie Shoppe. My family pushed me and continuously pushes me to make Ms. Stugie’s Cookie Shoppe a success. Just recently, I encountered these fears again. I have been playing with the idea of a blog for almost two years. I have so many topics to write on, but I kept coming up with excuses on why I didn’t need to do one. I finally faced my internal fears and BOOM...I started my blog.

As I type this, I am not sure if this post was for me (since, I have other ideas I am still afraid of introducing) or maybe this is for someone else reading this. Just remember when you think you can’t...YOU CAN! Start the business you’ve been scared to start, write the blog you have been dreading, start working on the goal you have been scared to achieve. Put your blinders on and stay your course because you are capable of amazing things. Keep setting those goals and continue to crush them. YOU CAN!